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You can consider the two buckets as a unit in this

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Unformatted text preview: he two buckets as a unit in this part. The force on the top cord is , and the combined force of gravity is downward, with so Newton’s Second Law gives and c) [6pt] Find the tension in the cord connecting the two buckets as they are being pulled upward. The free-body diagram for the bottom bucket alone gives so 3 3. [15pt] Answer these five multiple-choice questions by circling the correct letter. Showing your work is not required, but partial credit is possible if you show some justification. 2 2 2 (a) [3pt] Vector C A B . Under what condition is C A B ? A. Vectors A and B are in the same direction. B. Vectors A and B are in opposite directions. C. Vectors A and B are in the perpendicular directions. D. This statement is never true. The vectors form a triangle, and the condition given is the Pythagorean theorem, so it must be a right triangle with and perpendicular, and hypotenuse . (b) [3pt] A pilot drops a bomb from a plane flying horizontally at a constant speed. Neglecting air resistance, when...
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