for a uniform cylinder a 4pt how many revolutions

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Unformatted text preview: orm cylinder.) (a) [4pt] How many revolutions did the wheel make after the driving motor was disconnected? Since the deceleration is constant, the average angular velocity is rev/s. In 16.0 seconds, the platform rotates through an angle of (b) [6pt] What was the frictional torque acting on the platform? The angular acceleration has magnitude The torque is with Then (c) [6pt] How much power was required from the motor to maintain a steady speed of 3.00 rev/s? The motor must provide a torque balancing the frictional torque, so 3 Problem 3: [20pt] Answer these multiple-choice questions by circling the correct letter. Showing your work is not required, but partial credit is possible if you show your work. (a) [4pt] A truck going 15 km/h has a head-on collision with a small car going 30 km/h. Which statement best describes the situation? (A) The truck has a greater change in momentum. (B) The car has a greater change in momentum. (C) The changes of momentum of the car and truck have the same magnitude. (D) The momenta of the...
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