D the momenta of the car and truck do not change in

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Unformatted text preview: car and truck do not change in the collision. The total momentum is conserved. (b) [4pt] A 3 kg mass is traveling along the axis at 1 m/s, and a 4 kg mass is traveling along the axis at 1 m/s. They collide at the origin and stick together. What is their final speed? 1 m/s 3kg 1 m/s The final momentum is The Pythagorean theorem gives (c) [4pt] Calculate the net torque about the axle for the wheel in the figure. Figure 10.47 (A) 1.8 N m (B) 5.4 N m (C) 6.8 N m (D) 8.0 N m (E) 14.0 N m (F) 15.2 N m The magnitude is 1.8 N m. 4kg 4 (d) [4pt] A tennis ball on a string spins in a circle in the plane. At the point shown, when the ball is on the– axis, an impulsive force acts in the – direction. What is the direction of the resulting torque about the origin? Use the right-hand rule. (e) [4pt] What happens as a result of the impulsive force applied in the previous question? (A) The ball will continue to rotate in a circle, but the axis will tilt in the direction. (B) The ball will continue to rotate...
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