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solutions3 - PHYSICS 221 EXAM 3 Problem 1[14 pt A two-part...

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PHYSICS 221 EXAM 3 November 18, 2011 Problem 1: [14 pt] A two-part space-capsule is traveling at a speed of 6.60 km/s. The front part, of mass kg, is designed to separate from the back part, of mass kg, using a controlled explosion between the parts. After the explosion, the relative speed of the two parts is 2.10 km/s. (a) [8pt] What is the velocity of each section after the explosion? Momentum conservation implies that The relative velocity is km/s. This can be used to eliminate in the momentum conservation equation, giving Solving for gives Then km/s. (b) [6 pt] How much energy was released in the explosion? Alternatively, where is the kinetic energy of the center of mass, and is the kinetic energy relative to the center of mass. Since there is no external force, is a constant and . Thus,
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2 Problem 2: [16pt] A rotating uniform cylindrical platform of mass 124 kg and radius 2.50 m slows down from 3.00 rev/s to rest in 16.0 s when the driving motor is disconnected. Assume constant angular acceleration. ( for a uniform cylinder.) (a) [4pt] How many revolutions did the wheel make after the driving motor was disconnected?
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