Only differences are relevant the potential energy in

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Unformatted text preview: s are relevant. The potential energy in this problem would apply to a spring with 5 (c) [4pt] Which of the following positions would be a turning point for a particle observed with with kinetic energy at , given the potential energy diagram shown? Circle all correct answers. Energy 80 J 60 J 40 J 20 J 0 0 2m 4m position 6m 8m 0 is 20 J, so the total energy is The potential energy at m 30 J. The turning points are where There are four such points, but only the first two can be reached from The correct turning points are m and 3.5 m. (d) [4pt] A child in a sled is moving with a speed of 4.0 m/s across an iced-over pond. If the total mass of the sled-child system is 85 kg, what magnitude of the average force is required to bring the sled to rest in 10 s? This question can be answered using momentum and impulse: Then You could also use Newton’s second law directly, since ....
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