The distance traveled is 0217 m problem 2 17pt a

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Unformatted text preview: ce traveled is 0.217 m. Problem 2: [17pt] A bullet of mass g traveling at speed m/s strikes a uniform board of length m and mass kg at a distance m below a frictionless hinge as shown. The moment of inertia of the board about the hinge at the top is (a) [5pt] What is the bullet’s angular momentum about the hinge before it strikes the board? 3 (b) [6pt] If the bullet becomes embedded in the board, what is the angular velocity of the board just after the bullet strikes? Angular momentum is conserved in the collision, since there is no external torque. The final angular momentum is with Since (c) [6pt] How much kinetic energy was lost when the bullet became embedded in the board? The initial kinetic energy was The final kinetic energy was The energy lost was 4 Problem 3: [10pt] Answer these multiple-choice questions by circling the correct letter. Showing your work is not required, but partial credit is possible if you show your work. (a) [4pt] Two 0.30...
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