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Write a sum or difference of definite integrals that

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Unformatted text preview: ite a sum or difference of definite integrals that evaluates to the total area of 14. That is, set up the integrals to compute the total area. 3 4.) [8 points] The graph of x-axis and = −3 . = − 3 is shown below. Compute the area bounded by the 4 5.) [10 points] The radioactive element Charizardium-231 has a half-life of 150 years. Suppose we currently have 50 grams of Charizdium-231. a.) Find an exponential model that describes the amount of Charizardium-231 at time t. b.) How quickly is the Charizardium-231 decaying 200 years from now? Simplify and include units in your answer....
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