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Due to the fact that our service has never been

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Unformatted text preview: omy state; however Americans con=nue to increase the amount they spend on vaca=ons by 50%. (Greenstein, 2011) Our prices per =cket are above the prices of current resorts and cruises, except Floatways has beGer quality and is more unique then others which enable us to overcome our compe=tors. This means we will have a high dollar value per sale. Since we have such an innova=ve product we are able to price it higher than others. Online purchasing will keep sales costs low which allows for money to be spent on bringing in new customers since repeat sales may be difficult to achieve. There is the poten=al for customers to return if they enjoyed our service. For some people it may be an annual trip, and others a once in a life =me opportunity. There's the possibility for few follow-up sales, however if we create a gihs store and a general store, it will be possible to promote our service as well as create more sales. Customer Number Characteris&c s Ease of Finding Excellent Spending Excellent PaJerns Value to You $ Value of Excellent Sale Repeat Sales Average !2 | P a g e Ongoing Sales Support Average ! Easy Sales There will also be surveys at the end of each customer's trip in order to gather informa=on on what can be improved. Travel agency marke=ng will be included. Ongoing sales is not essen=al to support our business, however it is useful to maintain. Since =cket sales are our main revenue, other sales from the gih store will not be relied upon. There will be mul=ple loca=ons on board as well as when ordering a =cket that will deal with customer sa=sfac=on in order to minimize frustra=on and maximize overall happiness. ! EASY SALES RANKING COMPENSATING TACTICS (Excellent, Average or Poor) How Important Excellent Majority of people travel every year. These customers expect to perceive the experiences that value more than money can buy. We are offering more than what they expect. Our service has the condi=ons that exceed a regular cruise ship or a resort. Customers will tend to p...
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