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Floatways offers an escape from everyday life via

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Unformatted text preview: . All over the world, people looking for vaca=ons have had to debate between going on a cruise and finding a resort, while weighing advantages of both. We simplify the choice by combining the advantages of both. There are currently three major compe=tors in the cruise line industry but none of which have yet to incorporate the ideas in the way which we have. These companies hold a significant share of the market, but our company can hold shares in two markets; both cruises and resorts which gives us an even greater compe==ve edge. Our strategy is to emphasize our superior quality in combina=on with our unique idea to aGract customers from a wide source of markets. People who enjoy vaca=ons to resorts over cruises will also be aGracted to our services. A share in two markets helps insure we will have a vast poten=al clientele. Based on the size of our markets and our projected earnings we will easily turn over a profit, as well show con=nued growth for future years. ! !1 | P a g e Gel Analysis Great Customers ! GREAT CUSTOMERS RANKING COMPENSATING TACTICS (Excellent, Average or Poor) Excellent There are approximately 311,591,917 people that live in the United States. (State & Country Quick Facts, 2011) Only 12.8 million are unemployed. (United States Unemployment Rate, 2012) Since 1 in 3 people don't take vaca=on, this leaves 199,194,611 people who take vaca=on regularly, if not annually. (Milbourn, 2010) This leaves a substan=al number of people. Having more customers means more sales and repeat sales which are preferred. If there is a main website for Floatways it will be easy for the customers to find us. Due to the fact that our service has never been given before, and is such a revolu=onary idea, word of mouth as well as "s=cky" adver=sing (magazines /newspaper) will be enough to alert the popula=on of Floatways. It may be difficult at first to get no=ced, but over =me popularity will rise. People will tend to spend more on our product since it is considered an emo=onal purchase. The economy is in a glo...
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