BU 121 final project

Ongoing sales is not essenal to support our business

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Unformatted text preview: ay for our service if they plan for a cruise ship vaca=on because we will promote them the advantages of our service comparing with any other cruise ship services. Our service provides a unique experience, comparing with the other services. It has remarkable compe==ve advantages with its larger space and rich indoor ac=vi=es. Therefore customers can perceive larger visions indoor and they are able to complete larger entertainments with our service. Our service quality is above the standard and will provide the most comfortable vaca=on to every customer. The es=mated price of a standard =cket of our service is $1600. It is averagely higher to compare with other similar products in the market because the value that customers perceive to experience a trip with us will be over-expectedly high. Customers are able to customise their trips. They can book their trips by either going to our website, calling to our customer service or arranging it from any travel agencies. Value to Customer Compe&&v Excellent e Advantage Price/ Excellent Value Rela&onshi p Customer Entry Acquisi&on Points Cost Average !3 | P a g e Sales Support Required Average We will hire a medium size of trained team to answer some phone-calls of =cket purchasing and involve automa=c serving sohware to avoid inconvenience of busy lines. We will also direct some personal selling if any special events come up with our service. Ini=ally we will build our own website and promote our service on magazines and a few well-known travel guides. We will invest money to promote on some major tourism websites and make one or two TV commercials aher our company grows and starts building its own brand loyalty. Promo&on al Ac&vi&es Average ! Long Life ! LONG LIFE RANKING COMPENSATING TACTICS (Excellent, Average or Poor) Margins Excellent Our margins are compara=vely high due to our increased price in order to compensate for our superior quality. To further improve our margins we could find areas in which we could...
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