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BU 121 final project

Our inial revenues will be quite substanal and

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Unformatted text preview: duct is named as Pure Imagina=on. It has been constructed on a floa=ng chassis, powered by mul=ple diesel engines that will float through the seven seas, while customers experience great comfort and ease. We have found that cruise ships are restricted in fact by the limited amount of ac=vi=es and entertainment it can offer, although it's main aGrac=on is the variety of loca=ons it can bring its customers to. We have taken this main desirability and have combined it with the all-inclusive facili=es and wide variety of ac=vi=es of a resort to create what we call the Pure Imagina=on vaca=on experience. Our product's compe==ve advantage is not only the superior quality we present compared to other compe=tors, but the fact that our idea is unique and offers something !5 | P a g e beyond what other companies can. We offer the comfort of a resort including the luxury while other cruise ships cannot. We are similar to a cruise a ship where we offer a room to stay and can bring our clients to several loca=ons during the trip but we differ in the fact that our cruise ship is more comfortable such as a resort; in the way it is designed. Our layout is not compact like that of a cruise ship. We have spaciously designed the ship to look like that of a resort, including longer pathways and small parks which create a more relaxed environment. We removed the unneeded compact scheme from a basic cruise ship and made it much more relaxing. Customers who want to spend certain amounts of money on traveling and do not have specific willingness's to purchase cheap =ckets usually purchase on products such as cruise ships and resorts. Some of these products are s=ll growing slowly by compe=ng with market rivals. Most these products have strong brand recogni=ons. Their ideas are well-established to the market and they have wide loyal customer bases who repeat purchasing their products over =mes. Their companies have well-developed management teams and sufficient available capitals to operate well both internally and externally. Our product will be able to enter the market with an innova=ve idea that offers more co...
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