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BU 121 final project

Their companies have well developed management teams

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Unformatted text preview: s its visitors the ameni=es and relaxa=on of its all-inclusive compe=tors as it travels the seven seas powered by mul=ple diesel engines. We provide our customers safe and comfortable travel, without the restric=veness that our compe=ng cruise companies provide. Our customers can roam the resort and sit on our white sandy beach, while it takes them to tropical des=na=ons and remote islands. We offer a !7 | P a g e shopping good that is affordable for target market of married couples with or without children. Our vaca=ons have a pres=ge price that is affordable for our customers, while demonstra=ng our high quality service and giving our company a very high return in profit. Our chosen prices are very compe==ve with the market and not too exorbitant to scare away poten=al customers. Our passengers will also find it quite easy to purchase =cket as we have a variety of distribu=on channels. We have set up a calling center in our offices where poten=al passengers can call our number and speak to a sales representa=ve. Furthermore our clients can go to our website and pay for their trip, along with customizing their stay and semng up their i=nerary. Along with buying directly through us, poten=al vaca=oners can book through specific travel agencies that we have partnered with. Our website and phone number will be easily assessable as we will be running a promo=onal campaign that has our ads in travel magazines, travel websites and billboards along with travel agencies promo=ng our vaca=ons to their customers. Later on in the life cycle, we plan on releasing a set of television commercials and radio adver=sements. We are hoping for a loyal customer base that will spread news about our quality service through word of mouth. Another aGrac=ve promo=onal idea is offering our customers lower prices if they book early alongside last minute deals for the spontaneous type. Our prices will also drop during off seasons to aGract customers who may not have thought it was possible to travel at those =mes. Floatways Trave...
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