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We have found that cruise ships are restricted in

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Unformatted text preview: mfortable environments and more various ac=vi=es in order to enhance our compe==on with others. Our ini=al customer base is actually a lot wider than the ini=al customer base of any single product. As the business grows, we are going to build our customer loyalty and the number of our customer base will increasingly elevate. Aher all, the growth poten=al of our product is compe==vely high. !6 | P a g e Target Market Analysis During ongoing research we have concluded that Floatways will enter the Cruise market and will achieve its highest dollar value if it targets married couples between the ages of 40-60 that have an income within $100,000 to $200,000 who live in North America. We are targe=ng a market where 78% of married people go on cruises. (Geography 2012 Source Region) A deciding factor for these couples to choose our product could be the fact that they have children and are seeking an affordable getaway. Most of our customers will hail from North America, as 59% of the cruise industry's revenue comes from Canada, U.S.A and Mexico. (U.S Cruise Market)) We es=mate, during our peak seasons, that 4,430 people can vaca=on with us. If all rooms are sold with the utmost amount of people per room, our company can achieve a maximum dollar value of $6 174 000 per trip. If we can achieve the ladder value for all 28 weeks that we offer trips, Floatways can see revenue from sales of $172,872,000. We have determined our peak seasons include the three seasons of winter, summer and spring. During these =mes we see many families looking to get away from school and work and there is nothing beGer than to travel. Floatways is targe=ng a market where people are looking to spend quality =me together away from the stress of their everyday lives. Marketing Mix Here at Floatways Travel we offer our customers vaca=ons like never before. We have taken the two most popular op=ons for vaca=on and combined them to create a resort we call "Pure Imagina=on". Pure Imagina=on is a floa=ng resort that offer...
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