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BU 121 GEL Analysis

Pure imagina on by floatways is the newest and most

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Unformatted text preview: the ocean. On the north side of the resort we have our white sand beach that has an infinite look out into the ocean. Along with these free facili2es, we offer paid excursions to nearby islands so that our customers can visit remote loca2ons and experience different cultures. We offer the best of both worlds, while keeping a compe22ve price. We give our customers the best they could possibly pay for at a price much lower than our compe2tors. Pure Imagina-on by Floatways is the newest and most technologically advanced resort ever created. GEL FACTOR CHECKLIST WITH DESCRIPTIONS – GREAT CUSTOMERS GREAT Characteris>cs CUSTOMERS Number Since our service will be expensive we won’t need too many customers to make a profit. Also, there is always the opportunity for repeat sales if people enjoy their 2me on their Floatways vaca2on. There will most likely be a need for new customers each year since people may not want to use our service every year or be able to afford it, however there is such a large amount of people that vaca2on a year which leads to our financial security. If there is a main website for Floatways it will be easy for the customers to find. The market will be addressing approximately 17,400,000 families all over the United...
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