BU 121 GEL Analysis

Value to you value of sale our prices per 2cket are

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Unformatted text preview: States Ease of Finding If there is a main website for Floatways it will be easy for the customers to find us. Due to the fact that our service has never been given before and is such a revolu2onary idea, word of mouth as well as small adver2sing (commercial/newspaper) will be enough to alert the popula2on of Floatways. Spending PaHerns People will tend to spend more on our product since it is considered an emo2onal purchase because people enjoy trea2ng themselves and will spend their money freely. This will also be a season which will create huge differences between peak seasons and off seasons. Our peak season would be during winter, spring and summer and our off season would be during fall because that’s when people tend to not go on vaca2on. Also, the status of the economy can determine whether people will be spending a lot on vaca2ons or will be forced to save money. Value to You $ Value of Sale Our prices per 2cket are above the prices of current resorts and cruises, except Floatways has beFer quality and is more unique then others which enable us to overcome our compe2tors. This means we will have a high dollar value per sale. Since we have such an innova2ve product we are able to price i...
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