BU 121 GEL Analysis

We want a high margin because this reduces risk of

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Unformatted text preview: t higher than others. Repeat Sales Online purchasing will keep sales costs low which allows for money to be spent on bringing in new customers since repeat sales may be difficult to achieve. There is the poten2al for customers to return if they enjoyed our product. For some people it may be an annual trip, and others a once in a life 2me opportunity. There’s the possibility for few follow- up sales, however if we create a giZs store and a general store, it will be possible to promote our service as well as create more sales. Ongoing Sales Support To ensure ongoing sales we will include everyday pictures from the Floatways ship so people know exactly what they’re ge[ng when they choose us as a vaca2on decision. There will also be surveys at the end of each customer’s trip in order to gather informa2on on what can be improved. Travel agency marke2ng will be included. Ongoing sales is not essen2al to support our business, however it is useful to maintain. Since 2cket sales are our main revenue, other sales from the giZ store will not be relied upon. ! ! GEL FACTOR CHECKLIST WITH DESCRIPTIONS – LONG LIFE ! LONG LIFE Profit per Sale Margins The volume of the cruise ship is not necessarily high, but our margins will be big because of the high price of each room compared...
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