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BU 121 GEL Analysis

It has remarkable compe22ve advantages with its

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Unformatted text preview: eat as the ship will last for tens of years before needing to be replaced. This could create a problem if the business owners will not be able to provide a significant share of the upfront owners. Lastly, while there are a lot of resorts and cruises, none are quite like ours and therefore we do not have a major compe2tor. To Keep Market Share Our service has a low cost to hold onto the market share because our service is greatly different from others and so customers see the difference between our products. Also, there are no other compe2tors established in our markets and there are no low cost methods of replacing our service. There would be some costs associated with preserving the market share due to maintaining the quality and condi2on of the rooms on board of the ship as well as certain facili2es. Indirect compe2tors do exist but our compe22ve advantage can help hold onto our market share with support from promo2onal strategies. To Stay on CuVng Edge These costs are low...
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