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Sample Case Study #3

Just prior to the murders for which sarowiwa was

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Unformatted text preview: icts Saro ­Wiwa, as an advocate of both peace and nonviolence he did reject MOSOP’s proposed strategy to cooperate with the federal government to reduce violence in return for concessions. It is this detail that, I believe, must be given more emphasis than our author grants. Just prior to the murders for which Saro ­Wiwa was eventually hanged there was division amongst MOSOP leadership and, I think, it must assumed, at least according to the case study, that one of the principle issues causing the disagreement and division amongst leadership must have been whether or not to cooperate with the government to reduce violence in return for concession; an issue that Saro ­Wiwa was opposed to. We do not, from the case study, have enough information necessary to make a concrete judgment of Saro ­Wiwa’s guilt or innocence. For example the concessions the government was offering MOSOP may have been hollow; however, Saro ­Wiwa’s noncompliance with the government, even in the face of MOSOP compliance, would be reason enough to believe that he may have been associated with the organizing of the murders for which he was executed. I am in no position to make a determination on whether or not Saro ­Wiwa did in fact order the murders of the eight men, however, I can determine that, with the information given me, it is too inconclusive for me to assume that he did not order their murders. I believe that the assumption that he did not order the murders informed the actions of world leaders, human rights activist, journalistic critics, and the author of this case study. Therefore, depending on your position on capital punishment, the Nigerian government’s hanging of Saro ­Wiwa is an action that can neither be condemned nor con...
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