Sample Case Study #3

Shell was also responsible for guaranteeing the

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Unformatted text preview: red because they are primary being evaluated for the moral worth of their inaction. We must ethically evaluate their intentions and motivations for inaction and can only speculate on what influence their action may have had. The Royal Dutch/Shell Corporation, which, for the sake of convenience, I will refer to as “Shell” in this paragraph, had responsibilities to both the safety of their employees, and the company’s overall well being. As a result of their responsibility to their employees Shell enlisted the protection offered by the Nigerian government following vigilante attacks that were tied to the MOSOP organization. Although Shell purchased arms to aid the Nigerian government’s protection of their employees, they were, allegedly, not involved in, or aware of the oppressive efforts the Nigerian government thereafter used the arms to conduct. Therefore, Shell’s providing the Nigerian government with guns is not a condemnable act because it was action taken to honor the responsibility of ensuring the safety of their employees and the oppressive consequences that came from the Nigerian governments use of these guns cannot be attributed to the Shell Corporation. Shell was also responsible for guaranteeing the general well being of their corporation. Resulting from this responsibility Shell was reluctant to implement their influence on the Nigerian government, even though they were responsible for almost 40% of the government’s income. Shell was reluctant to intervene with the governmental affairs concerning Saro ­Wiwa’s execution both because the Nigerian government was a 55% stakeholder, and because, though it sounds a bit morbid, Saro ­Wiwa’s execution was, if at all, only loosely related to the Shell Corporation. By definition stakeholders are, “those...
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