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Sample Case Study #3

The nigerian government honored its responsibility to

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Unformatted text preview: doned because it was an action taken for reasons that have not been made clear. The Nigerian government’s action in relation to the execution of Saro ­Wiwa cannot necessarily be condemned; however, their general treatment of their citizens is condemnable. In this case we are primarily concerned with the Nigerian government’s action involving Saro ­Wiwa’s execution and their relationship with the Royal Dutch/Shell Corporation. Through a deontological lens we see that the Nigerian government has a responsibility to look after and protect the citizens that constitute it’s country. The Nigerian government honored its responsibility to protect the employees working for the Royal Dutch/Shell Corporation, many of which I would assume were also citizens. Although the vigilante attacks against the Royal Dutch/Shell workers may have been an ill advise and isolated instance among a larger more ethical effort there were people harmed, people who were not in positions of power and were therefore not directly responsible for the action of their employer. As a result it was duteous of the Nigerian government to respond with armed protection for the Royal Dutch/Shell employees. However, if the government did, in fact, take these efforts beyond the threatened confines to repress local population these latter actions, unlike the former, would be ethically condemnable. An assertion that can be made with much more certainty is the condemning of the Nigeria government’s intercepting and hording of funding that was intended for governmental reinvestment. The staggering gap between Nigeria’s elite and the poor whom, according to 1994 estimates, live off approximately $300 a year definitely makes explicit a responsibility the Nigerian government was neglecting, neglect that is worth condemning. Lastly, and concerning this case most pressing, is...
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