Sample Case Analysis #3

3 victor tommys supervisor in the case conversely

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Unformatted text preview: lations simply because he was not being punished exhibits his pre ­conventional morality. In a stage one, or the Obedience/Punishment stage, individuals behave in a manner where “the concern is with what authorities permit and punish,” (Crain). This means that an individual acts based only on what the potential consequences could be. So, because he had not been punished before the incident with his supervisor, he felt that he could keep on disregarding the rules. 3 Victor, Tommy’s supervisor in the case, conversely, is acting at a higher level. Although it may appear that Victor’s morality would be classified as pre ­ conventional (because it is normally seen as ‘wrong’ to hit another person), it can be said that Victor was actually acting at a stage four. At stage four, or the Law and Order stage, “the respondent becomes more broadly concerned with society as a whole,” (Crain). Thus, as a supervisor, it is understandable that Victor was acting as a leader, and was concerned with the public order that comes with his authority. It was his duty to be a positive authority figure by reprimanding Tommy for not complying with Motorola’s policy. The company now must decide how to, if at all, reprimand both parties involved in this case. As was taught in class, a business cannot usually perform above a stage...
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