Sample Case Analysis #3

Here the company can sow good will by suspending

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Unformatted text preview: two or three, simply because it has a responsibility to consider multiple parties in making a decision. For example, if Motorola were to make a decision in line with stage five, the Social Contract stage, they would have to decide to keep both men on as employees. This stage may even require the company to give the men raises, as this would be in their best interest. Obviously, this is not a potential decision for Motorola, simply because it has a responsibility to show the other employees that neither Victor’s nor Tommy’s actions will be acceptable. Thus, Motorola has to be restrained in it’s moral judgment and is forced to perform at a stage three, or the Good Boy/Good Girl level. Here, the company can sow good will by suspending Victor and possibly moving him to another department. Likewise, the company must also sow good will in the company 4 through also suspending Tommy for his actions and failure to comply with company policy. In making these decisions, Motorola is allowing the men to keep their jobs, which shows genuine interest for their wellbeing, but it is also acting in an egoistic mindset in that it must consider it’s ow...
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