Adobe Illustrator Short Cuts

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Unformatted text preview: Be sure to visit for step-by-step tutorials. Copyright © 2013 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All rights reserved. Terms of Use | Privacy Adobe® Illustrator® CC Cheat Sheet Common Illustrator CC Keyboard Shortcuts FUNCTION MAC OS WINDOWS Create a New Document Command + N Ctrl + N Open a Document Command + O Ctrl + O Save a Document Command + S Ctrl + S Revert a Document to Original State F12 F12 Toggle Screen Modes F F Default Fill/Stroke Colors D D Toggle Fill/Stroke X X FUNCTION MAC OS WINDOWS Move one Character (Right or Left) Arrow Key(s) Arrow Key(s) Move one Word (Right or Left) Command + Arrow Key(s) Ctrl + Arrow Key(s) Align Paragraph(s) Left Command + Shift + L Ctrl + Shift + L Align Paragraph(s) Center Command + Shift + C Ctrl + Shift + C Align Paragraph(s) Right Command + Shift + R Ctrl + Shift + R Justify Paragraph(s) Command + Shift + J Ctrl + Shift + J Insert Soft Return Shift + Enter Shift + Enter Increase Type Size Command + Shift +...
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