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Unformatted text preview: otorcycle or a car? 9 17 Sets Notes Filled In.notebook February 04, 2014 In certain situations, it might be important to know how many things are not in a given set. For instance, when playing cards, you might want to know how many cards are not ranked lower than a five; or when taking a survey, you might want to know how many people did not vote for a specific proposition. The set of all elements in the universal set that are not in a specific set is called the complement of the set. The complement of set A, denoted by A’ (read “A prime”), is For example, given that and The complement of A is: What is the complement of A’, or (A’)’? __________ 10 17 Sets Notes Filled In.notebook February 04, 2014 Since no element can be in both A and A’ at the same time, it follows that A and A’ are mutually exclusive sets whose union equals the entire universal set. Therefore, the sum of the cardinal nu...
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