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Unformatted text preview: the adequate requirements and qualities we seek will attend this career fair. The following information shows area of interest for students in regards to searching for job opportunities. Students seek employment in areas such as: ● arts and science ● commerce ● management ● business administration Along with our company, other employers will be present in the job fair. The information shown below demonstrates the area of skillsthat other companies search for when recruiting students and graduates. Employers that attend these job fairs seek individuals in: ● communications ● management consulting ● internet services ● computer information ● engineering Benefit 4: Less Expenses and Time Although, money is not the most important factor, when searching for individuals that would be adequate employees, it can become expensive travelling to other provinces. Dalhousie University is located in Halifax. University of Alberta is also located in another province. It would be required that I would have to take a plane, have hotel accommodations, car as well as meal expenses. Not only is money a factor, but this takes away time from working on other tasks within the company. University of Toronto is located an hour away from this company. Commuting to Toronto will take less time and money on gas. There will be no need to pay for a hotel. The following figure demonstrates the amount of money required for each campus. C...
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