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Unformatted text preview: culties and departments within the University of Toronto. Potential areas of interest includes engineering, management, science as well as business and commerce. Groups held on campus are for students to engage in teamwork, leadership, interaction as well as innovation. For example, AIESEC emphasises on leadership and innovation. Whereas, BID allows people of different backgrounds, beliefs in religion and politics come together to interact. This allows students to gain knowledge in areas unknown as well as engage in debates. These groups allow students to apply not only their knowledge from their programs but learn to work in teams. Through these experiences they gain attributes that would be complementary to the job opportunities offered by our company. Benefit 3: Career Positions Students and Graduates Work for With students studying in these programs and other companies in search of the same positions that we search for in applicants makes the recruitment process more quick and efficient. Therefore, more candidates with...
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