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Exam #1 Review Sheet

Example if excessive pressure drop occurs in tubing

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Unformatted text preview: Example if excessive pressure drop occurs in tubing then flow is restricted by tubing Purpose Acid (HCl or muriatic acid) ̅ [ , drawdown wn Dimensionless Productivity Index For a smooth uncased vertical well, the break down pressure can be written as: P T Breakdown pressure required to fracture the formation Minimum horizontal stress Maximum horizontal stress Formation pore pressure Formation tensile strength ̀ , ̀ ̅ ̅ [ ( [ , [ Purpose of simulation: To increase a well’s productivity by restoring oil production to original rates(less normal decline) or to boost production above normal productions. Two main types are hydraulic fracturing and matrix acidizing. Matrix acidizing: placement of acid whitin the wellbore at rates and pressures designed to attack an obstacle(skin) to production without fracturing or damaging the reservoir. Obstacles are...
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