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Obstacles are mainly due to formation damage which

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Unformatted text preview: mainly due to formation damage which can occur anywhere in production system: well bore, perforations, reservoir. –Mineral acids: hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids. HCl Carbonate mixture for sandstones. –Organic acids: mainly acetic and formic acids. Lower corrosivity and easier inhibition @high T. –Powdered acids: sulfamic and choloroacetic acids. Easy to transport to remote locations. –Retarded acids: Allows the chemical reactions to take place @right time and locations. Hydraulic fracturing: Injection of fluids and other materials into the well at rates capable of fracturing reservoir formations. Includes acid fracturing ,water, acids, special polymer gels, and proppants(sand…)are injected to create and fill fractures to keep them open or creation of acid channels -Properties of a Fracturing Fluid: 1)compatible with the formation rock 2) compatible with the formations fluids 3) capable of suspending proppants and transporting them deep into the fracture 4)capable(viscosity) to develop necessary fracture width to accept proppants or allow deep penetration of acid 5) efficient fluid (i.e. have low fluid loss)...
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