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Other components such as crosslinkers allows the

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Unformatted text preview: ss of other components, such as crosslinkers Allows the fractures to remain open so the gas can escape Prevents scale deposits in the pipe Used to reduce the surface tension of the fracturing fluids to improve liquid recovery from the well after frac Used to expand fracture and deliver proppant (sand) ́ Antibacterial (Glutaraldehyde) Breaker (Ammoniuam Persulfate) Corrosion inhibitor (Formamide) Crosslinker (Borate salts) Friction reducer (Petroleum distillate) Gel (Guar gum or Hydroxyethyl Cellulose Iron Control (Citric Acid) Clay (Potassium Chloride) PH adjusting agent (sodium or potassium carbonate) Proppant (Silica,quartz sand) Scale Inhibitor (Ethylene glycol) Surfactant (Isopropanol) Water ̅ [ ́ (Pseudo steady-state) Inflow node: Outflow node: -at any given time two pressures remain constant Node at the well head Inflow node : Outflow node: Node at bore hole Pwf Inflow node: Outflow node: - Total pressure drop is fixed, production capacity depends on where excessive pressure drop takes place. ...
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