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Unformatted text preview: Tie ­ ½ point Loser ­ 0 point place\vote 2 2 1 1 1 1st C E C D A 2nd E B A E E 3rd D D D A C 4th A C E C D 5th B A B B B C vs. D C vs. E 4­3 3­4 A vs. B A vs. C A vs. D A vs. E 5­2 2­5 2­5 2­5 B vs. C B vs. D B vs. E 2­5 2­5 0­7 D vs. E 2­5 Definition (Concordet Candidate): During pairwise comparison, a candidate that beats every other candidate in head to head is a Concordet Candidate. Definition (Concordet Criterion): Any voting method that elects a Concordet candidate (if it exists) satisfies the Concordet Criterion....
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