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Unformatted text preview: to allow make- up exams. There will be NO make- up quizzes given. Blue Books: All tests will be administered using Blue Books. Prior to the first test, each student should turn in 5 Blue Books. Blue Books are available at the bookstore for a minimal cost (should be < $2 for all 5). Course Grade: Final grades will be based on 4 tests, quizzes, WebAssign, Maple, and the final exam. Grade Breakdown: Tests 45% WebAssign 10% Quizzes 10% Maple 5% Final Exam 30% Final letter grades will be assigned as follows (You should not expect any rounding or curves): 98- 100 A+ 92- 97.99 A 90- 91.99 A- 88- 89.99 B+ 82- 87.99 B 80- 81.99 B- 78- 79.99 C+ 72- 77.99 C 70- 71.99 C- 68- 69.99 D+...
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