Midterm Practice Problems

Would you advise me to do this whywhy not b what would

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Unformatted text preview: sd = 3) were mildly related (r =.2) to their views on the death penalty (m = 3, sd =3.5). A researcher gave these same measures at the to an Evangelical Lobbying group at the Republican National Convention. What might you expect to happen to this correlation and why? 17. I’m working on a thesis project and have a variable on depression that is normally distributed. I think it would be good to split my sample into depressed and non ­depressed and run the correlation and the rest of the analyses that way. I think it will help clarify the differences between depressed people and non ­depressed people. a. Would you advise me to do this? Why/Why not? b. What would happen to the correlation if I left it continuous or di...
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