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18 nm with the carbon atom at the center of the

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Unformatted text preview: atom than Icm of a solid sphere. atoms. 49 •• The methane molecule (CH4) has four hydrogen atoms located at the ———————————————————————————————————— vertices of a regular tetrahedron of edge length 0.18 nm, with the carbon atom at the center of the tetrahedron (Figure Solution the moment of inertia of this 9-48). Find molecule for rotation about an axis that passes through the centers of the carbon Because one of of hydrogen atoms. atom and the axis therotation is through the carbon and one of the hydrogens, neither of these atoms contribute. The moment of Pinertia is the Problem toTthe remaining icture then due only he axis of rotation passes through the center of the three hydrogens. The moment of inertia is base of the 3tetrahedron. The carbon 3 2 atom and the hydrogen mH at i2 , apex I= mi ri = atom r the i=1 i=1 of the tetrahedron do not contribute to I because thethe masses are identical. Now since all of distance of their nuclei the the are of all equal zero. From from radii axis alsorotation is is is just...
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