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A uniform solid sphere of mass m and radius r is free

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Unformatted text preview: ing form is = Iα (c) is massless and the in the l component I = of = allthemass=ismgL sinbob, then mr mL . So, τ θ= mL α. Furthermore, since α = τ /I = f the bob. t t θ t t t L t 2 r T 2 2 at /L, then at = at = τL , I rθ mg or τL mgL2 sin θ = = g sin θ, I mL2 which is the same result we found in part (a). o the free-body ess the component of ent to the circular path nd 2 law to express the Ft = mg sin θ 3 a= Ft = mg sin θ = g sin θ 890 Chapter 9 4. A uniform solid sphere of mass M and radius R is free rotate about a horizontal axis •• A uniform solid sphere of mass M and radius R is free t through its center. 77string is wrapped A around the sphere and is attached to through its center. A string is wrapped around the s horizontal axis an object of mass m. Assume thatto an object of mass m (Figure 9-58). Assume that the stri attached the string does not slip on the sphere. Find (a) on the sphere. Find (a) the acceleration of the object, and (b) the te the accelerationstr...
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