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The weight of the block creates a torque on the wheel

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Unformatted text preview: ing. object and of the (b) the tension in the string. Picture the Problem The force diagram shows the forces acting responsible acceleration of the sphere and the difference between the weight o Solution the tension is the net force acting on the hanging object. We can us We can draw the force diagram for the syslaw to obtain two equations in a and T that we can solve simultane ———————————————————————————————————— is and the hanging object. The tension in the string (a) tem as seen in to the right. The weight of the block creates a torque on the wheel, causing it to rotate. We can write down the net forces and torques acting on the system. For the sphere, F T R 0 τ = T R = Iα. M While for the hanging mass, calling the vertical direction x, Fx = T − mg = −ma. T mg x x ∑ Now, since the string isn’t slippingT = T ′, the wheel, the angular acceleration is (a) Noting that around apply τ 0 = TR = just α = a/R. Furt...
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