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G which point has the greater centripetal

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Unformatted text preview: r acceleration? (g) Which point has the greater centripetal acceleration? ———————————————————————————————————— Solution (a) The point on the rim travels a greater distance in the same amount of time, since it has to make a bigger “orbit.” (b) Both points move through the same angle. ˙ (c) The speed is v = rω = rθ. Since point particles change their angle by the same amount in the same time, the point with the bigger radius has the bigger velocity. So, the point on the rim moves with the greater speed. (d) Since the angular speed is ω = dθ , and both points travel through the same angle dt in the same time, they both have the same angular speed. (e) The problem states that the disk is turing at increasing angular velocity, and so ω is increasing. Thus, v = rω is increasing. The tangential acceleration is atang = dv , and so atang = rα. So, the particle with the bigger radius has the dt bigger tangential ac...
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