Cinema 121 Review Sheet Movies 1901 - 1924

W murnau 1924 expression and expressionalism

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Unformatted text preview: cters face is a painted mask Unseen force, who can resist Caligari Bureaucracy is criticized, narrow confined world, no sense of progress Distortion, scale is very important, inner titles Caligari blurs line between magician and scientist Narrator in Caligari is insane, unreliability of person telling the story, hunched and distorted figures, mentally distorted tree At the carnival all rules are off, suggest what is life, to be fated caught in design Physcological forces compared to economic forces in Last Laugh Expose inner anxieties and movements of the soul through cinematic mise- en- scene and constructions The Last Laugh (F.W. Murnau, 1924) Expression and expressionalism: abstraction and empathy; surface pattern and the psyche: • • • • • • • • Where is identity derived, different coats of assignments His daughter is getting married, wants his best jacket Victim of old age and of his cold bureaucrat boss Idea of being recognized is very important Capitalism, if you are rich, you can do anything, power of money Brutal neighborhood run by status Economic forces compared to physcological forces in Caligari Doo...
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