Cinema 121 Introduction to Cinema Review Sheet

Modernity change dislocation stimulation a dynamic

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Unformatted text preview: ot where we are going •Minimizes characterization and psychology •Differentiates how the action will occur from when it will occur •Emphasizes transformation of something through a period of time Discourse- Is an exchange hope to heard Mordernity- Intense Reograngization Confrontational shot of the train coming into the station towards the camera Modernity: Change, Dislocation, Stimulation, A Dynamic View of the World 1. Urbanization – Movement of population from rural to urban centers; change from extended families to mass population 2. Industrialization/Mechanization – replacement of hand, skilled labor with standardized, uniform (unskilled) labor aided by machines (factory assembly line); reproducibility 3. Capitalization – displacement of wealth from land and goods to investment/money/mass market money- based economy;...
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