Cinema 121 Movie Notes Review

Dechesney os jewish and french schumaker is also

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Unformatted text preview: ciety Ford’s ordely and balanced presentation of conflicting parts of view The cutting, people roaming to and out of the frame, cues character to lead to another character A lot of talk and time compared to Hollywood Ambiguous film open to people to bring in own interpretations DeChesney os Jewish and French Schumaker is also called Schumache Christine is Austrian Renoir making connection to World War 2 Schumaker might be in it with Marceau, his wife is Lisette DeChesney, Christine de DeChesney, Octave, Andrew Jurieu, Genevieve Harras, Jackie Lisette Schumacher Marceau Films suggest that there is a genre, game of life, game of love, hunting uses game as metaphor Age and money status to have wife Idea of sexual fantasies, every chara...
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