Cinema 121 Movie Notes Review

Schumacher chase deep focus composition foreground to

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Unformatted text preview: cter is caught in a 3 way situation France on brink of world war Octave wanted to be a conductor, conducts this situation, he Injected Andre Jurieau into the situation Octave accusing himself of being a failure, cause Jurieau’s death, DeChesney is tolerant but he does not need to be, frivolous Brings mechanisms into the movie, society is like mechanism, toys are breaking down Theatrical and artificial world, suggesting level of role playing in order to keep position in society, death is wandering, Schumacher chase Deep focus composition- foreground to background in focus • • • • • Moving camera replace cuts, make us feel we are there, moving camera change relationships between characters Let the scene play out- make things important that...
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