Cinema 121 – Stagecoach, Baby Breakfast, & Rain Movies Notes

Peacocksalesman buckstagecoach driver gatewood cavalry

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Unformatted text preview: ave a privileged status due to their existence within a familiar branch that address and reaffirms the audiences values and attitudes A culture in which inherent thematic conflicts are animated, intensified and resolved by familiar characters in a pattern of action Doc Boone (doctor), Curly (sheriff), RIngo, Hatfield or Greenfield(gambler), Dallas(whore), Lucy Mallory(wife), Mr. Peacock(salesman), Buck(stagecoach driver), Gatewood, Cavalry Soldiers, Geronimo(apaches), Chris (Mexican) Apache are anti community, Discourse on law(in law or act of law) personal matter of codified laws Ringo’s brother killed by plummer, broke out of jail to avenge Hatfield is way of life that is done in south, in society by luck, law may be there but family is the basis of law Peacock is the average person with seat on stage coach Interpellation- essence of how ford is operating, how he is involving us, Dallas from whore to wife Beginning in day, end night in Lourdesburg not ideal Baby Breakfast (Lumieres, 1895) The camera’s more perfect/objective eye; hunger for the present moment; film as “imprint”; as “mummified time”; cinematic objects and the elevation of the ordinary to the visible: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • “A perspective reality that only the camera can produce” Cinema is constantly a new world, everything about it changes all the time, cinema of attraction is momen...
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