Cinema 121 – Stagecoach, Baby Breakfast, & Rain Movies Notes

Smooth path from one part of story to the other

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Unformatted text preview: t of static to dynamic change Cinema is not only entertainment, to situate us into the world Phenomena can get sense of smell Family portrait like a film, access if had any money Interpellation, this is family recognizing ourself Idea of belonging, being of a particular group in cultural way A nuclear family engaged in activity together, father is feeding the baby, nurturing the baby, family is a nurturing place, family is in action while portrait, invited in someones backyard, middle class family, baby offers cracker to camera man, details of wind, tree and shrubs Cinema’s gaze, change that hs been untouched, cinema is touching an untouched image Special significance long special relationship, Bazin thinks cinema has a moral function not just entertainment, cinema response to modernity that tries to mechanize the experience Smooth path from one part of story to the other Krakhour the idea of the tiller girls mechanization of human body precession, respectability and standarizaion, modern machine like modern life, concern of to machine life, Krakhour relates the standardization with rise of nazi order Orderly, blanced, managed, manipulated and manufactured, absractions replace messy reality with mythology of order Triumph of formative over realistic tendency- Krakhoura tendency, cinematic reality...
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