Cinema 121 – Movies 1911 - 1925

Sword and hearts dw griffith 1911 classic cinema

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Unformatted text preview: ropagated as fate of uniformity of thought Internal forces in Caligari and Last Laugh, large scale social pressure in Potemkin Agency- how effective can I be in acting Mobile street as possibility and threat in Caligari and Last Laugh Street is forum for public action, active crowd, dynamic people making history, rhymic montage (movement through arches and curves Typage: character type Montage: builds Potemkin on 5 act structure (petty classic) Conflict large social forces battling in streets Montage elements interacting towards a movement of decisive action (overtonal montage) (curves, table) Sense of back and forth, pattern of round things Metrix s length of shot Tonal montage the quiet harbor(when Vakulunkchuk was killed) In the harbor: rhythmic tonal montage leads out to his memorial Suddenly… Metric and intellectual montage? Sword and Hearts (D.W. Griffith, 1911) Classic cinema: linear narrative, casuality and visual continuity; racing and chasing; universal entertainment: Tom Gunning’s narrative • • • • Filmmaker as tailoring attention to specific because there are too many details Filmmaking is process of structured decision making Gunning process of decision making...
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