Cinema 121 – Movies 1911 - 1925

Going somewhere images that move us eisenstein is in

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Unformatted text preview: change; the aesthetic, social, political, and ideological relationship of the image to reality: • • • • • • • • • • • • “People make there own history” Art is always conflict, sensational, “hits the senses” engages eye, impacting us Artheim is talking about dynamic images that are going somewhere, images that move us, Eisenstein is in this mode Montage = conflict, between the frame and the image within, between the object of the shot and the space around it, between the shot of the sequence and clashing/harmonizing graphic elements, between duration of the shot itself and the sense of the duration of the whole event (reel time does not equal real time) He buildins his montage in layers, not steps (dialectical) Montage: the whole is always more than its parts Action and mise- en- scene + cut = sensation- interpretation Graphic pattern of round things (rhymic montage) Culminate in decisive dramatic action (overtonal montage) Masks: Character as distilled and telling expression, the face becomes a social gesture rather than revealing the...
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