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Unformatted text preview: { Y. 1 • is Zn he<l(l.(,Se of. f!./s • 1 • 5 1.s ancfll«'(f it)C. re C\ s ifl'.l (T L(ep),we -rhe by .s ho-1-JJ lt1.). 1,., (). r>ie. .S-e t.ond term wqn+ +o tnetk-e. B indil.<A-i-or- C::i-iM+i'on 1..t&l~J:=o if:.tnl,'J. Cq E"i<.::: s: (} of. (;) JL -1 d [e x. ::.. does no+ .P•fX 1; : . oo e Xis+. me.+hod The is the ~ol11+1011 es.11l'h"1-+or e) Vdr{ 111-\e.!ihood The h.inc.-+Tofl L\t a -I'\ 4-. x. - . '{,, Cor e ,..,, i~ n ~"..,/e" A;z. f 9 =- fl ~l :(,1 B) _..\.. }L ~ V~r-l .L /'H·~ i& llo+ lttr912 ·~ ~u ite e=Xc11J B. a1 = (fl+ J.) (n+I)"' i~ tJ/eiti; becau.>e. dose to I. lar<je . On +lie other- handJ Vi.Ide) <vt.1r{ ~) e7 0 I ~ J. p ( - (Jl-6')~) 2-0;,, lfilifJ ;;. E) 0 ~ i.s ll')el.'l.irni.trn, +he MLE So /I/ ((}I (} '-J t- 1>11 Q J :;. So 8C:::.";t(n). n iS Small) t-he. b1"as .\-t;r all G. oveN(I 911 o •~ lco--9e, the bia~ lhtt i~ -~he i.S ():::. J{(/l) 1l--t1 I.(;'.. v-ttrl X} ~ L l L:.o The pc:1P of...
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