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Activity bob is a senior at albany high school and

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Unformatted text preview: t safe” Choosing the alternative with the lowest level of risk. Activity Bob is a senior at Albany High School and the star of the basketball team. His friends and classmates are in the process of applying to college, and he has yet to start. His parents would like him to follow in their footsteps by going to their alma mater, Binghamton University. His girlfriend Cindy would prefer that he applies to schools that she’s interested in in NYC. Bob isn’t sure what type of program he’d like to apply to, or whether or not he’ll get a sports scholarship. Activity Get into groups of 4. Discuss what Bob would do if his style was what your group was assigned. Come up with a skit to illustrate your given style! External factors? (Family expectations, cultural stereotypes, gender stereotypes, survival needs, other circumstances, etc.) Internal factors (self-confidence, fear of rejection/change/making a wrong decision, emotions, etc.) Questions to Ask What are the assumptions (attitudes) affecting my decisions? What are my feelings regarding these decisions?...
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