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Poor outcomes result from a negative attitude limited

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Unformatted text preview: ons. Poor outcomes result from: A negative attitude Limited knowledge Lack of personal responsibility for consequences Decision Making Styles Planning Impulsive Intuitive Compliant Delaying Planning “Weighing the facts” Consider: Values, objectives, necessary information, alternatives, and consequences A rational approach Balance between thinking and feeling Impulsive “Don’t look before you leap” Little thought of examination Taking first available alternative Intuitive “It feels right” Automatic Preconscious choice based on inner harmony Compliant “Anything you say” Nonassertive Letting someone else decide Following someone else’s plans Delaying “Cross that bridge later” Procrastination Avoidance Hoping someone or something will happen to avoid making a decision Postponing thought and action Fatalistic “It’s all in the cards” What will be will be Letting the environment decide Leaving it up to fate Agonizing “What If” Worrying that a decision will be the wrong one Getting lost in all the data Overwhelmed by analyzing alternatives Paralytic “Can’t face up to it” One step further than “what if” Complete indecision and fear Accepting responsibility but being unable to act on it Defaulting “Playing i...
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