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Unformatted text preview: and market conditions for your business. You will need to research with outside sources for data such as the library, industry associations, company websites, government databases, etc. to complete this assignment. I will encourage you to interview actual potential CUSTOMERS and document their inputs and how that changed your plans. All sources should be documented using APA format with either footnotes or endnotes here (and included in a list of references at the back of your final report.) Review sections 2 & 4 from the outline of strategic growth analysis above closely. Section 3 may also have some items for consideration if you are an ongoing firm rather and some types of new start‐ups. You will address these areas for the product/service provided (or planned). 1) Describe the macro‐environmental forces outside the industry which are or have near term potential to have a major impact on the industry. 2) Describe the industry history and trends. Who are the major players in this industry today? 3) What does the industry supply chain look like? (major suppliers, competitors, customers & distribution channels to reach customers) a. Where do you anticipate entering this supply chain? (Where in the channel will you run your business?) 4) Who is your target customer? 5) What are customers doing today rather than use your business?(What is the next best option they have that’s closest to what you offer?) a. What about current NON‐customers? Can you identify a group of potential customers that your business may be able to make into NEW customers? 6) What are methods you plan to use to get early customer feedback and experiment quickly to test out your product or service ideas? a. How quickly can you respond to feedback to try a new experiment in the market? b. What did you learn from talking to actual potential customers for your business? c. What changes are made...
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