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Do you think the organization has sufficient core

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Unformatted text preview: do they affect the organization’s performance? Firm Level Analysis (2 pgs) ‐ What resources (e.g., financial, physical, technological, human and reputational resources) does the organization own? What resources need to be acquired or upgraded to ensure the organization’s competitive advantage? ‐ What are the organization’s capabilities (e.g., marketing skills, supply chain management, R&D, manufacturing capabilities)? Among these organizational capabilities, how many of them can be considered as core competencies; namely, they are unique, valuable, and difficult to imitate by competitors? Do you think the organization has sufficient core competencies to ensure its competitive advantage? Target Products/Customers/Markets (2‐3 pgs) ‐A business model canvas will be a useful tool here. Include at least one with your report. ‐ What are the potential target markets for growth? Estimate the TAM (total available market)? What share do you expect to obtain & in what timeframe? ‐ Who is your targeted market? Describe the type of customer who will need your business once they try it. What is your plan to pull in current NON customers for your business? ‐ What is the best solution today in the market without your product/service? ‐ Create a plan to gather input from the target market early & often. How can you respond? ‐ What pricing strategy do you intend to use? Organizational/ Human issues (2 pgs) ‐ Based on your above analyses what do you project to be your staffing levels for the organization? ‐ What work can be done using consultants or non‐profit support organizations? ‐ What are key roles which need to be completed internally to the business? 6. 7. ‐ What critical expertise does the business need to have? Do the current principals have this knowledge or will you need to obtain it & in what manner? ‐ Will recruiting, training or performance evaluations be important for the next 2 years of your business? ‐ What type of organizational structure do you plan for the business? Are there any distinctive aspects of culture or work place environment you plan to implement? Financial Analysis (2 pgs) ‐ Based on your above analyses what do you project to be your financial needs for the business? ‐ use a bootstrapping approach and plan to get started with...
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