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ENT_185_Team Project_Spring_14


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Unformatted text preview: project. The goal of this report is to produce a plan for growing a business beyond an initial start up enterprise. The report will end with recommendations and an implementation plan for a growth strategy for the business. In this sense this report is different from a business plan which tends to focus on starting up a business or the pursuit of funding for a business. Some elements of this report may be similar to those used in some business plans but the end goal is different. Scoring on the Strategic growth analysis will include: - Proposal report content, formatting 5% - Marketing report 5% - Financial & Organizational report 5% - Final Oral Presentation: clarity, time mgmt 5% - Final Written Report 15% - Total for Group Project 35% 25 PTs 25 PTS 25 PTS 25 PTS 75 PTS 175 PTS OUTLINE OF STRATEGIC GROWTH ANALYSIS FINAL REPORT (Do NOT attempt to answer all of these questions. Some are more relevant than others depending on the stage of your product/service & growth plans) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Introduction (1‐2 pgs.) ‐ A brief description of the any firm or organizational history also current and planned product/service offerings, performance, and current status, etc. ‐ What are the most critical strategic and organizational issues that may affect the organization’s short‐term and long‐term performance? Why do you think these are the most critical issues? ‐ What is your approach to resolving these issues? External/Industry Analysis (2‐3 pgs) For Industry Analysis an Industry Supply Chain and Porter’s Five Forces are useful tools ‐ Are there any elements in the macro‐environment will that may significantly affect the organization’s performance? Discuss any major impact of economic, social, cultural, demographic, technological, legal and global factors when applicable (PEST). Has the organization been dealing with these factors effectively? ‐ What are the trends in the industry? Has the organization plan to respond to these trends effectively? ‐ Who provides the key inputs for the relevant industry? Who are the end users? What are the major steps connecting the delivery of the product/service from suppliers to buyers? ‐ Who are the organization’s competitors? What are they doing? How do they affect the organization’s performance? ‐ What are the organization’s customers, suppliers, substitutes, complements, and potential competitors (new entrants)? How...
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